Srila Prabhupada Original Audio Archives of Year 1976-1977

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-- NEVER RELEASED BEFORE -- Lectures, Conversations, Morning Walks Normal Cost-Rs.600/-. DISCOUNT- 75%

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– NEVER RELEASED BEFORE Srila Prabhupada Original Audio Archives of 1976-1977 Lectures, Conversations, Morning Walks

– 1976 (340 hours, 703 audio files) ,

– 1977 (237 hours, 387 audio files)

– Set of 2 Dual Layer (8.5-GB) DVDs,

1100 Audio Files

– More Than 575 Hours


– Weight : 100 Gram

The Bhaktivedanta Archives released for public listening – in MP3 format – the full audio collection of Srila Prabhupada’s recordings from 1976-1977.

For the first time in 37 years people can listen to these recordings. This is certainly great news for all the followers of Srila Prabhupada. For those who love to bathe themselves in the nectarine words.

This new 1976 release follows a previous release by the Bhaktivedanta Archives of all the 1977 audio recordings in July of 2012. Before 2012 there were only 20 lectures, 23 conversations and 4 morning-walks available for public listening from the year 1977 and now there are 385 recordings – 30 lectures, 340 conversations and 15 morning-walks.

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